The UCF College of Business Administration, through the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, recently hosted its 10th annual Joust Business Plan Competition. The Joust offers entrepreneurial students the opportunity to pitch their ideas to judges for the chance to win $12,500 and a year as a client of the UCF Business Incubation Program.

Students Taylor Cheeley and Nicole Enterlein, creators of the SMARTWAY Cup, took home the grand prize. The SMARTWAY Cup, a disposable urine funnel, enables women to comfortably stand when using a public restroom, reducing vulnerability to contaminated surfaces and potential harmful diseases.

Company CEO August Reign said, “Female urine funnels are making such a global impact that universities, airports and restaurants in Europe, Asia and Africa are beginning to accommodate women by installing urinals.”

According to Reign, even the U.S. military is beginning to capitalize on the benefits of utilizing funnels in an attempt to control the soaring rate of infections among deployed women.

Reign credits winning the Joust as validating the true market potential of the SMARTWAY Cup. “Winning the Joust was an unbelievable experience,” he said. “The event offered the glitz and glamour of a national competition, but the environment was nurturing and educational.  Receiving this award is undoubtedly one of our greatest accomplishments.”

SMARTWAY Cup can be found at the UCF Knight Aide Pharmacy and Convenience Store located on campus and at CVS and 7-Eleven, Store #32301 on Alafaya Trail.

The company is working with Steven Felkowitz, CEO of Atico International and sponsor of this year’s Joust competition event. Felkowitz is helping to establish SMARTWAY Cup’s first major contract, a state distribution deal with Walgreens, which would have the cups in stores by 2014.

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