“Our digital identity is a permanent collection of data that we are portraying through our online footsteps,” stated Melanie Brown, career coordinator for Career Services. “Every picture we post, every article we share, every statement we tweet and every status we update is forming our digital identity for others to see.”

During the Student Development and Enrollment Services INstitute and the Florida Association of Colleges & Employers Conference, Career Services professionals Jon Hall and Kate Latevola had the opportunity to speak on this relevant topic that has the potential to affect everyone from UCF students, faculty and staff to conference members.

The workshop utilized engaging instructional techniques that informed participants what digital identity is, the factors that can affect digital identity and how digital identity can harm or help your personal, academic and career goals.

The relevancy and usefulness of the workshop was displayed by achieving the SDES INstitute Buzzworthy award. “Your digital identity is an important part of your professional development, stay on top of your online presence by considering all who have access to it,” said Brown.

Career Services is in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.