While it has been six years since Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, the city is still rebuilding.

To help with the recovery, 57 DeVos Sport Business Management students traveled to the city this summer to help rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward through the non-profit organization Hope For Stanley Alliance and in partnership with the St. Bernard Project. The students worked at four different locations and helped by putting up drywall, installing floors and other construction projects.

During the trip, the students met with Arnie Fielkow, former city councilman, New Orleans; Greg Bensel, vice president of communication, New Orleans Saints; Hugh Weber, president, New Orleans Hornets, and Rick Dickson, athletic director, Tulane University.

This is the 29th time a group from the program has volunteered to help the city rebuild since 2006.

The New Orleans City Council passed a proclamation commending the work done by the Hope For Stanley Alliance, which it previously cited as the most active external group helping New Orleans in the recovery.

As director of the DeVos Sport Business Management Program, Richard Lapchick was named an honorary citizen of New Orleans in 2007.

This December, DeVos students plan to visit Tuscaloosa in efforts to help rebuild from the devastating tornadoes that occurred this past spring.

For more information on the Hope For Stanley Alliance, please visit their website. Learn more about Hope For Stanley’s most recent trip.