Looking for information on the Starter Riot?
The BIG IDEA competition is your chance to share your BIG IDEA for solving an important problem and win cash prizes totaling $1500. You will be the star of the show with an audience including a panel of startup entrepreneur judges, supporters of Central Florida’s startup community, and inspired student onlookers. It promises to be an exciting showcase for UCF’s best brain-bending, world-changing, opportunity-creating BIG IDEAS!

You will have 90 seconds to present your solution, the problem it addresses, and the people you will help (your “market”). The entrepreneur judges will then take an additional 90 seconds to ask you questions. Only 10 students will compete in this fast-paced event.

  • The BIG IDEA – $750 (determined by judges evaluation)
  • Crowd favorite – $500 (determined by audience text message poll)
  • Best presenter – $250 (determined by audience text message poll)
  • Important Dates

  • Application deadline: October 27th – apply at https://bit.ly/ucfbigidea
  • Announcement of competitors: October 29th
  • Big Idea Competition: October 31st – 1:00 to 2:00 pm
  • Eligibility and Rules

  • All contestants must be either pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree here at UCF
  • All ideas must be original or improve upon an existing idea, product, or service
  • The idea must be pre-revenue
  • Contestants must compete individually with their own idea
  • No slides or props are allowed
  • Presentation Format & Judging Criteria

  • Who are you? (10%)
  • What is your BIG IDEA? (40%)
  • Who are you trying to help? (20%)
  • Why will they care? What problem(s) does your idea solve? (20%)
  • What skills/talents/superpowers do you have that will help you make this real? (10%)
  • Do you have UCF’s next BIG IDEA?
    Apply now – https://bit.ly/ucfbigidea. Competitors will be announced October 29th.