Trevor Brewer ’97 always knew he had received a good education at UCF. But that fact became clearer during law school at Emory University in Atlanta. Up against the Ivy League grads, he not only held his own but he excelled. “It was clear that my education at UCF, and specifically at the Burnett Honors College, had prepared me well for what was to come.”

Brewer experienced two sides of UCF. One was as a student in the Honors College, where he was exposed to great thinkers and professors who challenged him every day. The other was as a student assistant in the Office of Sponsored Research, where he had unique opportunities to see what was taking place in the university at the research and discovery level. “From IST to CREOL to Sea Turtle Research to the digs at Caracol, this is a view most students don’t get the opportunity to see. It was eye-opening,” says Brewer.

“When I graduated they were just finishing up the Student Union; I could not have imagined where the university would be today.” Reflecting on UCF’s success, Brewer believes “there were likely many opportunities to not grow” and he applauds UCF’s smart and successful growth. “Not only have they grown but they’ve done it well, with the Medical School being a good example. It’s not only a Medical School but it has become a medical school that is a national example for other schools.”

Looking ahead, Brewer thinks UCF will continue to be a major player in research and academics. He credits Dr. Hitt for his leadership and his focus on the Central Florida community and for “thinking ‘up and out’ – taking a commuter school and making it a major force in the region.”

Brewer, like many other young alumni, is thinking of his future and the future of his alma mater, and has made an estate plan that includes UCF. Brewer’s is in the form of a life insurance designation that will focus on the needs of the Burnett Honors College.

“I am proud to be able to support my alma mater for the important and meaningful work it is doing in the community and the state.  I believe more people would do it if they knew how easy it was to do.”

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