Whether you are entering or leaving UCF, have you ever wondered what careers UCF graduates are going into? Have you ever wondered how much they are getting paid? The First Destination Survey that graduating students complete each semester, can tell you that.

As a high-school graduate exploring college options, seeing job industry, location or salary data of graduates could play an important role in the decision making process. A senior that is beginning a job search could use this data to select the best career path. The First Destination Survey primarily asks students if they intend to continue their education or obtain employment upon graduation. The data also shows resources that students used to obtain employment and which companies they were hired by. This survey provides valuable information to help us deliver the best educational experience we can to UCF students.

As a student, it is up to you to make sure we get this data. As you approach graduation, do not forget to take the First Destination Survey. It can be accessed in your To-Do list in your MyUCF portal. For more information, visit: career.ucf.edu/first-destination-survey  or contact Career Services at: 407.823.2361.

To view last year’s First Destination 2014-15 data, click here.