Wonder what a futuristic world looks like through technology that’s revolutionizing independent filmmaking? Then stop by the University of Central Florida’s Center for Emerging Media in downtown Orlando later this week. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at UCF Film’s latest graduate student feature, “Bad Pixels.”

In its last week at UCF’s Studio 500 professional sound stage, the crew will be filming several “1980s-style” party scenes with dancers, musicians and artists in a smoke-filled, industrial sci-fi setting. Extras are still needed and are welcome at filming Friday, July 23.

“Bad Pixels” is unique for its use of digital SLR cameras — smaller, lower-budget still-photography cameras that also capture high-definition video. Filmmakers are just starting to use these cameras for producing high-quality video at cheaper costs. In May, the season finale of FOX’s “House” series became the first network prime-time drama shot on a digital SLR.

With its focus on low-budget, independent filmmaking, UCF’s Entrepreneurial Digital Cinema graduate program is the perfect place to try out this new technology. UCF in 2005 became the first accredited film program in the country to require its students to create full-length films to complete their degrees.

Several faculty members are working on how-to guides with the new digital SLR cameras on the set of “Bad Pixels” that they hope to share with film students at UCF and elsewhere.

“Bad Pixels” tells the story of an oppressed teenage musician living in an artless, male-dominated dictatorship. When she discovers a sound that’s never been heard before, Kyrie and her friend try to restore equality – one raging dance party at a time.

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The Center for Emerging Media is located at 500 W. Livingston Street in downtown Orlando.