So having people tell you to get a flu shot just hasn’t motivated you? How about if they sing it to you?

Swing by the Reflecting Pond on Friday, Nov. 15, and hear some swinging tunes from UCF’s Crescendudes a cappella group that has teamed up with UCF Health Services to spread the word to students about vaccinations and other healthy behaviors.

The group has remixed some popular song lyrics to promote the benefits of the shots and encourage listeners to head over to Health Services – like most members of the group did recently for their shots, said Crescendudes president Zach Anderson.

One of the songs, for example, is the popular “Stand By Me,” only in this version the group sings “If you’re sick, don’t stand by me,” said Anderson.   

The singers will perform sets of their regular songs at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. in front of the Mathematical Sciences Building, and three songs promoting flu shots and healthy habits at 12:30 p.m. Other performances will be on select Fridays around campus through flu season.

Health Services plans to shoot a video of the live performance to be available to show elsewhere, said Megan Pabian, coordinator of university relations and public affairs for UCF Health Services.

Free flu shots for students are available at the Health Center while supplies last. Check for walk-in clinic dates and times. Faculty and staff can make flu shot appointments at the Health Center by calling 407-823-3850 and either pay $20 or charge it to their health insurance.