The University of Central Florida’s Music Department is launching a new system to help foster connections among its alumni.

The department developed a two-part strategy that includes social networking tools and an announcement on the Music website. Information provided on the website form goes into a database monitored by the department, while the Facebook group functions as a way for current and former students and faculty to connect directly with each other.

“The department felt we were losing touch with our alumni, so we created a way to reconnect and find out what they’re doing, where they are and how they are,” said Dave Schreier, UCF’s assistant director of bands.

Schreier is spearheading the effort along with Department Chair Jeff Moore. Since it launched less than a month ago, the Facebook group has gathered more than 200 members. The online form has gotten responses from more than 100 alumni as recent as this year’s graduating class and as far back as alums from 1986.

Music alumni who responded to the outreach have ended up in a variety of music-based careers, from becoming educators at the elementary, secondary and collegiate levels to performing in symphonies around the world. One alumnus who responded is a currently a freelance composer and musician in California and has performed on Dancing with the Stars, as well as several award shows.

Schreier, who earned his bachelor’s degree in music education and his master’s in music conducting from UCF, believes  giving former students the opportunity to connect is a great way to showcase the successes of the Music Department and provide new opportunities for current students.

“We have a lot of alumni in the area who are still involved in music education. We want them to know what’s going on so they can share it with their students and attend events themselves,” he said. “We also have a lot of alumni that take interns from UCF. And if some of them are looking for jobs, we usually get phone calls about that, so we can help them be aware of what’s out there.”

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