The long-awaited Research I building located between Engineering and CREOL is just about ready for business.

Faculty members from various colleges and centers will begin moving into the 105,775-square-foot facility this month. They will share three floors of wet labs, conference rooms, lecture halls and offices.

The building was built to provide the infrastructure, atmosphere and culture necessary to enhance the work of interdisciplinary teams already at UCF and to spark new collaborations and programs in research, technology transfer and commercialization.

Among the new tenants will be faculty, students and staff associated with programs in nanoscience technology, advanced materials processing and analysis, lasers and photonics, energy research, and the Faculty Cluster Initiative .

The new building, which adds much needed research space to the main campus, is expected to help create a bridge between technology development and technology transfer and commercialization. These enterprises in turn help drive economic development activities in the region and state.