A new University of Central Florida project targets to connect non-traditional students to the UCF campus. The Non-Traditional Knights (NTK) Project is a collection of resources for non-traditional students at UCF. The goal is to create an awareness of these resources and opportunities so that all Knights may have a positive experience at UCF. The NTK Project is an SDES Horizontal Team that is made up of representatives from 20 various UCF departments, offices and areas. It was created in late 2008 by a group of committed staff, students and educators interested in improving the connection between UCF and its non-traditional students.

This website serves as a portal that connects with various resources on campus. Non-Traditional Knights are encouraged to fill out the online survey to give feedback so the team can better serve their needs. They will also have the opportunity to join the NTK Project Listserve on the Web site that will send out a few periodic announcements throughout each semester.

“When I first saw the NTK Project Web site, I was thrilled to see how easy it was to locate the resources I need as a student,” said Kelly Reid, masters candidate for the UCF Educational Leadership/Higher Education Program. “It is so nice to have one central location where I can link to the campus services that are essential to me. As a non-traditional student, the variety and scope of services on campus can be a bit overwhelming. I liked how easily I could navigate the webpage and find the right offices to contact. I also enjoyed seeing the scrolling pictures of other students like myself on the home page.”

For more information, contact Chantel Carter, chair NTK Project, at: cncarter@mail.ucf.edu or 407.823.6471.