You may have seen someone’s resume with misspelled words, poor grammar, and sentences that just didn’t make sense.

And what do you think their chances are of getting hired?

For students and alumni who don’t want to fall into those same pitfalls, here’s your opportunity for a trial run to clean up those resumes.

UCF’s Career Services will hold Career Readiness Week, Jan. 23-27, to offer resume critiques along with practice interview sessions, headshots photographed by a professional photographer, networking strategies and workshops, said Melanie Brown, coordinator of marketing information and data in Career Services.

More than 40 employers – such as Pepsi, Harris, GEICO, State Farm, Target and Florida Hospital – will attend Tuesday through Thursday to provide critiques, and the Career Services staff will be on hand all week long to review resumes. Reservations can be made for specific companies or industries, and walk-in interviews also are offered if space is available.

Rreservations for resume critiques and practice interviews can be made with a KnightLink account.

Different companies require different things on resumes, but Brown generally recommends that prospective employees keep their resumes to one page long, make sure to proofread for spelling and grammar, list the most recent credentials and accomplishments on top, and verify that all the information is current.

Also make sure to include a cover letter, she said, and “make sure you stand out!”

Career Readiness Week will be held in the Career Services office along Memory Mall.