Freshman nursing hopefuls now have an on-campus housing community designed specifically for them.

Nursing@Nike, the university’s first housing community for a specific academic major, will help freshmen “adjust to college life and prepare them to be strong candidates for the UCF College of Nursing when they apply as juniors,” said Linda Hennig, the college’s associate dean for undergraduate affairs.

Nursing@Nike houses as many as 36 freshmen who will take most of their prerequisite courses together during their freshman and sophomore years. The community offers residents presentations and seminars from Nursing faculty members, a three-day team-building retreat, tutoring and other resources.

“Research shows that living-learning communities result in higher student success,” said Jean Leuner, dean of the UCF College of Nursing. “Our Nursing@Nike residents will experience a sense of community, bond as a team and gain a built-in support network.”

When the residents complete their freshman year, they will move out of the Nursing@Nike community and live elsewhere, but they will continue to take classes together.

Nursing@Nike was developed by Alton Austin, an undergraduate adviser in the College of Nursing, in partnership with UCF’s Department of Housing and Residence Life.

Residents are required to take a Student Life Skills (SLS) course tailored for nursing hopefuls. The course is designed to help freshmen successfully transition to college life. Class topics include study habits, time management, wellness and campus resources. The course also includes team building and leadership development programs.

To sign up for Nursing@Nike, incoming freshmen must select this community on their preferences in the online housing agreement prior to May 1.