Dr. James Turkson is best known for his breakthrough discovery of a possible drug therapy for breast cancer, but science isn’t his only love. With his wife, Jennifer, and family, Dr. Turkson also likes to travel. We asked him about the places he’s visited and the places he wants to visit soon. Here’s what he told us:

Rome, Italy

My wife and I were married in Rome. It was an incredible experience because, as we were exiting the church, locals were shouting “Agurri! Agurri!” We talked to people two days later who remembered us from the wedding. I want to go back there with my wife.

Paris, France

I missed seeing the Eiffel Tower! But I really enjoyed visiting Paris. Growing up in Africa, European culture was a great influence on our culture. I love Europe.

London, England

I’m excited about attending the 2012 Olympic games with my family in London, England.

Seattle, Washington

It is beautiful there—the city is fun and the nature is amazing. The mountains there are wonderful. My wife and I are inspired by nature and we saw things like streams of water coming from the rocks. There was so much to see outside of Seattle. I also was able to tour the Boeing facility, which was incredible.

Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is an exciting city—there are so many places to go and things to see. We drove down Hollywood Boulevard and along the Malibu coast.

Frankfurt, Germany & the Autobahn

I rode at high speed on the Autobahn. It was exhilarating! I also got to watch a soccer (well, it’s football to me) game in Frankfurt and loved it—I love the game.