Sophomore and Second Year Center, Honors College, and Housing and Resident Life held its 6th annual welcome back “Pre-Tailgate Rally” on August 28 at Tower 3 residence hall. The outreach program served as a welcome to the start of the fall semester and a Pre-Tailgate Rally to get ready for the football game against Akron targeting Tower’s residents, with specific promotion to the honor’s and student-athlete residents.

The event provided a fun setting for students to interact with many support offices, and offered an opportunity to discuss programs and services with campus representatives, and learn about ways to stay connected with UCF.

The goal was to foster academic success and retain students through the development of relevant personal and academic skills, as well as to increase awareness and use of learning support services on campus.

Display tables included Undergraduate Research, Multicultural Academic Support Services, Health Services, Honors Congress, Research and Civic Engagement, Student Involvement, Sports Business Club, Career Services, First Year Advising and Exploration, and the Testing Center

A total of 120 students participated in the Pre-Tailgate Rally, and all campus participants had between 25-65 students stop by their display table over this 2 ½ hour event.

Students enjoyed pizza; Subway subs, cookies and refreshments; several donated gift card prizes; and other giveaways, plus 1,000 LINK points for attending freshmen students. Students had to meet with at least six campus representatives, and get their card “stamped” per resource office contacted for prize eligibility and to get their LINK points.