Let me assure you that I consider this an urgent matter and have directed the university to use whatever resources are necessary to achieve an objective review.

Upon being informed of the incident, I immediately authorized an investigation by an independent third party, the Orlando Police Department’s Professional Standards Division. Other university parties that Dr. Vest has contacted are also moving forward with their reviews, and both Dr. Vest and the police officers are represented by their respective unions.

Once the off-campus investigation is complete, we will share its results and take whatever action is called for.

I expressed these opinions in a letter I sent last month to Dr. Vest’s colleagues in the Philosophy Department and to the UCF Board of Trustees. However, until the investigation is finished, it is not appropriate for me to comment further about the case.

But let me be clear: I am committed to a thorough investigation of the incident that also protects the rights of the parties involved. Nothing less is acceptable at our university, two of whose core values are integrity and community.