PRIME STEM/Student Support Services is a federally-funded TRiO program (U.S. Department of Education) that supports college students pursuing STEM majors (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) who are first-generation, low-income, and/or have a documented disability.

The program offers academic support services and resources to assist PRIME STEM scholars to successfully complete a STEM degree. As an advocate for access to higher education, PRIME STEM/Student Support Services is committed to providing the support necessary to empower participants in developing and achieving academic goals. PRIME is an acronym that means Purpose + Reach = Individuals Measured for Excellence.

The program has been very successful since its inception in 2010.:

  • The program has served 228 students.
  • 68 scholars (31.0%) have graduated. That is 11.1% higher than the UCF 2010-11 cohort’s four-year STEM graduation rate of 19.9% (first generation and low-income STEM majors).
  • The most recent PRIME STEM retention rate was 95.6%. This is 9.7% higher than the overall STEM retention rate (85.9%), and 8.7% higher than the University’s overall FTIC retention rate (86.9%).
  • The average GPA of PRIME STEM scholars is 3.10; 95.4% (209/219) are in good academic standing.
  • Program Director Rebekah McCloud attributes the program’s success to an amazing staff and the comprehensive programming provided to participants. “We do everything from helping students to select courses, consider career options, find internships, prepare for interviews, engage in extracurricular activities, create budgets and set goals. Additionally, we provide peer mentoring and individualized tutoring.”

    PRIME STEM/Student Support Services is the only STEM program on campus that supports students from freshman through senior year.