If it seems like you’re seeing more of UCF’s new specialty license plates on the road, you’re right.

Sales of the distinctive tags have shot up since the new tag was launched in August 2016. The tags feature the “UCF” logo on a black background, with “University of Central Florida” and “Florida” in gold letters.

Until this year, UCF was fifth among Florida’s public universities when it came to the number of specialty plates on the road. Since updating the university’s original white plate featuring the Pegasus logo, UCF has moved up two notches to third, with more than 17,000 active plates in use.

Over the past year, the number of new tags purchased by the Knights community has tripled with the new design. UCF uses the revenue from sales of the plate to benefit students, with the biggest share going to scholarships, including a fund for first-generation students.

It’s a great way for alumni, students, faculty and fans to show Knight pride while also supporting their university.

It’s easy to order a UCF tag or switch from your old UCF tag to the new one. Visit https://knightyourride.com for more information and links to make an appointment at your county office.