A contingent of 67 educators and 155 family members from Saudi Arabia will begin a one-year immersive program at UCF on Monday for the visiting principals, teachers and counselors to learn how to build leadership qualities.

The participants will be sponsored throughout the year with all expenses paid through Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Higher Education and processed through the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission in Washington, D.C.

Nataly Chandia, assistant UCF vice president for UCF Global, said the purpose of the visit is to “provide a quality program that teaches, trains and encourages transformational experiences.”

The goals for the visitors are to develop strong English language skills, experience real-life classrooms in a K-12 environment, and become effective change agents upon their return to Saudi Arabia.

The collaborative partnership will involve UCF Global, the English Language Institute, College of Education & Human Performance, and Orange County Public Schools. The dependent children who are visiting will attend schools in Orange and Seminole counties.