It takes brains and brilliance to make game day feel larger than a linebacker. “I rely on my two great assistants – Chris and David,” shares John Kvatek. His team’s collective brain pushes the crowd’s enthusiasm button and helps propel the Knights to victory.

Kvatek, director of video operations, leads an 18-person crew in producing game day video graphics with the power to bring the crowd to its feet, start a wave or get the team back in the game. “It’s rewarding to see the crowd response to things such as the prompts done with players. Our fans truly adore their Saturday heroes.”

Working with yards of footage, the crew also produces the coaching videos that Coach O’Leary and his staff rely on to help the Knights sharpen their skills and strengthen their game plans. These duties keep Kvatek and his team busy from morning to late at night.

“The core reason I came to UCF,” he said, “was to work with Coach O’Leary, to be a part of building the football program, and take it to the next level.”

“The fans are the ones who make the traditions, such as the overwhelming response during the Zombie Nation song.”