More than 750 business students comprising of 125 teams participated in the annual College of Business Administration Great Capstone Case Competition, which is part of their Strategic Management class. Each group analyzed Target, Inc. to address challenges faced by the company. The competition, sponsored by the Dean’s Executive Council, consisted of three rounds: quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.

Congratulations to the 2010 winning team which included: Darden Johnson, Bradley Mansilla, Adrian Melendez, Michael McGriskin, Brandon Robertson, Alvin Smith and Ryan Thomas. The team recommended a “Smart Cart” for Target that features a standard shopping cart which comes equipped with a touch screen device that is compatible with smartphones. The screen includes such items as an inventory management system and price scanner. The device also offers a weekly promotions tab, recipes and product reviews, advertisements, and other features.

“The professionalism displayed by this group entailed many hours of financial analysis, examination of the company’s situation, and careful consideration of the company’s needs. This team certainly earned the recognition bestowed on them by both the College of Business Administration, and Target, Inc.,” said Laurence Putchinski, lab instructor of the winning group.

Watch the video of the 2010 Capstone Case Competition (winning team is at the 2:13:30 mark).

For their winning efforts, the team was awarded $4,000 in scholarship funds from Target, gold medal plaques, dinner gift certificates, a collection of prizes from the Wall Street Journal and Target, and an “A” on their final exam.