MASS Entreprenerual Series

Almost 100 students over a four-week period attended the Multicultural Academic & Support Services Entrepreneurial Series, sponsored by the Comerica Fund. The students attended various workshops from local experts on how to develop their own businesses.

Students learned how to market their business, how to get funding for a new startup project and some of the legal pitfalls were identified that could impede them further developing and implementing their idea. Students also learned that starting a business is not easy, but if they are able to persevere, it can be very rewarding.

Anastacia Colon, junior health services administration major, says, “Venturing off as a small person into this big world with a new idea is one thing, but financing it, protecting it, and expanding it takes a small person with immeasurable ambition and heart. The goal is within reach if you just stretch your arms out and step out of your comfort zone to reach it.”

The MASS students who attended majority of the presentations will receive a stipend from the Comerica Foundation, which can be used toward the purchasing of their Florida Limited Liability Corporation license.