The Clinton Global Initiative University has selected 17 UCF students who have made a commitment to make a difference on their campus, community and around the world. CGI U will mentor and assist students with their plans to create a positive change and take action at a meeting April 1-3 at the University of California, Berkeley.

President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton will host the ninth annual meeting that will bring together more than 1,000 student leaders to make commitments to action in five focus areas: education, environment and climate change, peace and human rights, poverty alleviation, and public health.

The following students have the opportunity to participate in the CGI U:

Individual Projects:

  • Sara Ard – junior, political science – H.O.P.E.
  • Milka Derisma – senior, business administration – BYG Shift
  • Joseph Ehrli – junior, interdisciplinary studies – No Fear According to Joe
  • Casey Field – senior, finance – The SCARF Society
  • Hannah Hollinger – junior, environmental science – Compost Cycling
  • Caroline Julian – freshman, biology – A Positive Cycle for Ethiopia
  • Catherine Ninah – junior, industrial engineering – Food, Energy, and Water Nexus as an Art
  • Roseberline Porcenat – senior, interdisciplinary studies – Healthy Hearts for Haiti
  • Group Projects:

    Hearts for the Homeless Orlando

  • Andrew Aboujaoude – sophomore, biomedicine
  • Alexis Ghersi – junior, biomedicine
  • Jennifer Carvel – sophomore, biomedicine
  • CO2 U

  • Zachary Good – freshman, business administration
  • Jacqueline Meyer – junior, environmental science
  • Chad Maycumber – freshman, computer science
  • Bring Science and Discovery to Bithlo

  • Christopher Yanick – sophomore, biomedicine
  • Hollis Dahn – senior, biology
  • Allie Vaknin – sophomore, sociology
  • “CGIU has presented me with a chance to make a positive and meaningful opportunity to our society and the environment that surrounds us,” said Zachery Good. “Through our CO2 U project of creating an app/interface that tracks weekly carbon emissions and energy usage, we hope to advocate for global climate change and the issues that will arise because of it. At the conference, we hope to learn how to get the absolute most out of this project and create the most beneficial change. Such a conference can get us in touch with the right people for funding and mentors that can make our projects succeed.”

    Casey Field, a CGI U 2015 meeting attendee and accepted to the 2016 meeting, said, “The Clinton Global Initiative University allowed me to connect with thought leaders around the world and numerous millenials engaged in the social-change movement. The SCARF Society is my commitment to providing a platform for the women of Central Florida and beyond to discuss global issues, exchange wisdom and become catalysts for positive change. CGIU has helped open my eyes to women’s issues around the world and created a space for me to build meaningful relationships with global changers around the world.”

    These students have the opportunity to take their commitment to a plan of action at the CGI U. To read a summary of the projects, visit: