“Even though we are in Central Florida, we wanted to bring the fall atmosphere to the College of Medicine,” said event organizer Stacie Chitwood. “It was a great way for all of us to relax outside after a busy HB-2 week of studying the arm and axilla” (the armpit or the area of the body under the joint where the arm connect to the shoulder).

M-1 students say they hope the pumpkin carving will become a yearly tradition at the college and were even joined by a little white puppy named Jack, who belongs to M-1 Samantha Ulmer.

Top carver awards are open to debate, but the general consensus is that the M-1s mostly likely to become surgeons based on their pumpkin-carving abilities are Pouya Ameli and Omar Shakeel. “They tried very hard to carve an anatomical heart into the pumpkin,” Stacie said. “Let’s see if those skills translate to the Anatomy Lab.”