The undergraduate study abroad program is an educational option held close to the Blanchet family. All four of their children have studied in countries across the globe as a part of their curriculum. Their son, Gaston studied at the international business school in France on a scholarship partially funded by The Burnett Honors College. “My family is amazed at the incredible opportunities my children have experienced within the college and their studies and travel abroad. I have always encouraged my children to learn other languages, but there is nothing compared to the learning that takes place when immersed in a country and its culture,” said Eduardo.

Eduardo and his wife became involved personally and professionally in the college because of the college’s importance to their family and its impact on the community. Eduardo’s company, the Berlitz Language Center of Orlando, funded the Berlitz Language Series offered by the college. The series is held during summer sessions to encourage students of all majors to learn languages such as Mandarin or Arabic. “For us, the decision to give to the college was an easy one to make. Our gift was immediately put to use on student programs and gave us the opportunity to have a direct impact on students’ lives in a real and tangible way.”

When Gaston graduated, Eduardo and his wife were able to look back on their Honors student’s careers with pride. “Our financial commitment to UCF counts now more than ever. We know that our support ensures that The Burnett Honors College continues to provide experiences to the most academically talented students at UCF—like Gaston, Noel and Daniela.”