UCF is adjusting campus operations in preparation for Tropical Storm Colin’s anticipated impact, which includes forecasted high winds and heavy rain.

Classes at all UCF locations that start at 4 p.m. or later Monday, June 6, are canceled. Classes at all UCF locations in progress at 4 p.m. will be held until that time.

Campus operations at all locations will close at 4 p.m. Essential personnel that are scheduled to work at 3:30 p.m. should report to work and be prepared to ride out the potential storm. Employees with questions should contact their supervisors.

All orientation activities for Monday are canceled as of 4 p.m. Student shuttles will run on their usual schedules until 6 p.m.

Campus will reopen as normal Tuesday, June 7.

UCF’s Office of Emergency Management monitors weather using weather sensors, rain gauges and multiple Internet radar sources. The office communicates updates to the UCF community through UCF Alert text messages and emails, indoor and outdoor sirens, the UCF website, social media and more.

Students and faculty and staff members also can sign up for severe weather bulletins that contain more detailed information. The listserv does not replace UCF Alert, which along with https://www.ucf.edu remains the first way the UCF community will be notified of an existing emergency or threat to UCF’s campuses.

To subscribe to the weather bulletins, email listserv@listserv.cc.ucf.edu with “subscribe OEM-NOTICE” in the body of the message. The subject line should be left blank, and be sure to send the email from the address that to wish to receive emails to. To unsubscribe, follow the same instructions with “signoff OEM-NOTICE” in the body of the email.

With hurricane season underway, it’s important to take precautions as individuals so that you and your loved ones are prepared to evacuate or ride out a storm. Steps should include developing a plan and building a hurricane safety kit.

A good hurricane safety kit should allow you to survive on your own for 72 hours and include basic survival essentials like water, food, communication tools and flashlights. Learn more about building a hurricane kit by watching this video.

Additional information is available in UCF’s Hurricane Guide.