Since Hurricane Ian impacted Florida, UCF immediately began working with students and employees to help provide support to them through this difficult time. Our approach has been to provide one-on-one support to ensure students and employees are being connected to campus and community resources based on their needs.

Steps we have taken include:

Dedicated, Individualized Support

Students impacted by the storm with outstanding needs can contact Student Care Services for one-on-one support. Beginning Sept. 30, over 50 UCF staff members have mobilized to contact nearly 700 students who have reached out to the university for assistance. Support provided ranges from meal vouchers to information on applying for university emergency aid to placing students in emergency housing to notification of faculty members.

How Students Can Access This Resource:
Fill out the Student of Concern form

Distributing Emergency Aid

UCF is disbursing emergency grants to students who were substantially impacted by the storm and who are eligible. These funds are provided by the generous support of our community and donors who have contributed to help students get back on their feet. UCF is continuously reviewing requests for these Student Emergency Fund Grants. Students who are eligible will receive a notification once their application is approved with information about disbursement of available funds.

How Students Can Access This Resource:
Fill out the Student of Concern form, and a representative from Student Care Services will contact you to discuss your needs and what funding you may be eligible for.

Launched Short-term Housing Program

A short-term housing program was created in partnership with local hotels to provide a temporary housing option for students who indicated they are displaced due to the storm. The university also has been in contact with local complexes and has shared which properties have immediate availability using UCF’s Off-Campus Partners site, part of an effort to connect students with a safe place to stay as they recover from the storm and to reduce barriers as they continue their education.

How Students Can Access This Resource:
Students who have come forward to Student Care Services indicating their needs should check their text messages and emails for more information.

Providing Academic Support

Students experiencing academic challenges due to the impacts of Hurricane Ian can contact UCF success coaches who are available for guidance and support to promote their success in the classroom, either online or face-to-face.

Student Care Services has notified faculty members of students who have experienced significant hardship and that they may miss class or classwork.

How Students Can Access This Resource:
Call the UCF Online Connect Center at 855-903-8576 to speak with a success coach. Follow up with your faculty members as soon as possible to discuss your situation

Supporting Employees

UCF has launched the Hurricane Ian Disaster Leave Program to provide eligible employees who are facing severe hardships with additional leave to give them time to address their recovery needs thanks to accrued sick and/or annual leave donated by other UCF faculty and staff members.

UCF also is seeking donations to the Faculty and Staff Emergency Relief Fund, and employees who indicate their impact may be contacted with additional resources.

How to Access This Resource:
Impacted employees should communicate directly with their supervisors regarding their ability to return to work and their need to utilize the hurricane leave program.

Mental Health Services

Students who may have experienced trauma during the storm or as they deal with recovery are encouraged to contact UCF Counseling and Psychological Services’ (CAPS) crisis line. Students can also find peer support through Togetherall, an online, free platform that offers a safe space to connect with others experiencing similar feeling.

For employees, UCF’s Employee Assistance program is available to provide work, life and mental health support.

How to Access These Resources:
For CAPS services, call 407-823-2811 and press 5 to speak with a therapist. To access Togetherall, visit Visit CAPS’ social media pages for updates on hurricane recovery therapy sessions.

Employees experiencing emotional distress or other personal hardship can contact UCF’s Employee Assistance Program, HealthAdvocate, at 877-240-6863 for free, confidential, 24/7 assistance.

Providing Access to Transportation Options

Parking and Transportation Services has partnered with the Central Florida Transit Authority to provide complimentary access to safe, reliable Lynx shuttles for students and employees who need to relocate or whose vehicles have been damaged.

How to Access This Resource:
All UCF students may ride Lynx shuttles by presenting a valid UCF student or employee ID to drivers. You can utilize the Lynx Online Tool to see how properties are connected to the Lynx Transit Center on UCF’s main campus.

Food and Essential Items

Knights Pantry is open to all students, and through Oct. 31, to faculty and staff.

Grocery shuttles run from main campus to a nearby Publix and back Tuesdays 10 a.m.-8 p.m. A UCF Downtown Grocery shuttle also provides service to and from a nearby Publix Tuesday 12:30-1:45 p.m. and 8:30-9:45 p.m.

How to Access These Resources:
Visit the Knights Pantry main campus location at Ferrell Commons and present a valid UCF ID. Learn more here to access the grocery shuttles.

Continuing to Care for Our Community

As students’ needs continue to evolve after Hurricane Ian, UCF will continue to care for our community and extend support. For updates on recovery and resources, check