The UCF College of Business Administration’s newest awards program recognizes faculty, staff and students whom have helped build the college’s unique culture and community. Dean Paul Jarley announced the winners at an event held at the college.

“UCF is a young institution that is still building its identity and culture,” said Paul Jarley. “[These factors] will define the UCF experience and differentiate Knights in the market.”

A total of $10,000 was handed out to students, staff and faculty who were nominated and selected for their engagement, risk-taking, cross-disciplinary collaboration and data-driven decision-making. Open nominations were held during the first part of the 2014 Spring semester and category winners were selected by the voting of students, the College of Business Administration Student Ambassadors, the UCF College Executive Committee and the UCF College of Business Administration’s Advisory Board. The awards ranged from $500-$1,000. Each nominee received a certificate and the category winner received an autographed baseball from the Dean. The baseballs harken back to Dean Jarley’s challenge to the college and community to “take the ball” and become part of the college’s movement to create and foster a culture of transformation.

Excellence in Faculty-Student Engagement:

  • Dr. Carolyn Massiah, lecturer
  • Most Engaged Student Organization Faculty Advisor

  • Dr. Ray R. Sturm, associate lecturer
  • Excellence in Student Organization Engagement

  • Beta Alpha Psi, honor organization
  • Most Transformative Moment

  • Dr. Robert Porter, lecturer
  • Elizabeth Krekel, UCF student
  • Excellence in Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Dr. Carolyn Massiah,  lecturer
  • Alex Ham, UCF student
  • Excellence in Student Risk-Taking

  • Alex Ham, UCF student
  • Excellence in Cross-Disciplinary Communication and Collaboration

  • Dr. Carol Saunders, professor
  • Excellence in Contributions to the Community

  • Dr. Keith Harrison, associate professor
  • Best Chair of a College Committee

  • Paul Gregg, faculty instructor
  • Dr. Amit Joshi, associate professor
  • Excellence in Faculty Risk-Taking

  • Dr. Cameron Ford, associate professor
  • Most Transformative Moment (Staff Award)

  • Anne Marie DeGovia
  • Innovation Award (Staff Award)

  • Lonny Butcher
  • Professional Growth Award (Staff Award)

  • Susan Wiesen
  • Since his arrival at UCF in June 2012, Dr. Paul Jarley has introduced a number of progressive programs designed to develop students and faculty as innovators and elite professionals in the business community. His programs include the Failure Competition, a competition that rewards learning from past mistakes and “de-stigmatizing” failure; the Student Ambassador Program, a new student leadership program designed to assist the college; the Office of Professional Development, an advising center that provides career counseling to the 8,000 undergraduate students; and the CFE Dean’s Speaker Series, a succession of monthly events that feature UCF faculty in “TED-style” talks that gathers some of the most prominent professionals in the Central Florida area.

    Established in 1968, the UCF College of Business Administration offers degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and executive levels. All programs, as well as the Kenneth G. Dixon School of Accounting are accredited by AACSB International – the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

    The college provides high-quality academic programs designed to give students a competitive advantage in the world of business now and in the future. As such, the college establishes partnerships with some of the nation’s most innovative leaders to model new and best practices that harness evolving technology. In addition, the college promotes a unique culture of engagement, risk-taking, cross-disciplinary collaboration and data-driven decision making in an effort to ensure students are well prepared to enter a dynamic marketplace.