In Spring 2013, the College of Business Administration (CBA) Student Ambassadors program was launched at the University of Central Florida to provide a team that reaches out to the community on behalf of CBA students and to increase the student engagement within the college. Ambassadors represent the top students the college has to offer. These exceptional students create, plan, and execute functions and events to rally their peers, alumni, faculty, and staff and represent the Dean at community events throughout the year.

“The Student Ambassadors are the link between the students and administration. They give a student voice to the changes and initiatives in the college.,” Student Ambassador Chair, Amanda Brown, emphasized. “Our ambassadors gain skills in leadership and can see an idea cultivated from start to finish. We have built a strong group of people that believe in a new culture of engagement and involvement. Now, we want to spread that culture and generate activity in the College of Business.”

The Student Ambassadors help to organize and work the events sponsored by the UCF College of Business Administration including the Hall of Fame & Alumni Golf Tournament, Welcome to the Majors, the Dean’s Speaker Series and the Central Florida Veterans Job Fair. Student Ambassadors are chosen from a pool of applications from throughout the college and represent the top tier of student leadership.

The Student Ambassadors kicked off the year by welcoming 1200 new students into the college at Welcome to the Majors, followed by their annual planning retreat and orientation. In addition, they launched a new website ( and scheduled a series of events to highlight and encourage student engagement.

“We are ready to have a successful semester and look forward to seeing significantly more students engage in the college as a result of our Ambassadors leading a movement to advance that idea,” said Paul Jarley, Ph.D., dean of the UCF College of Business Administration.

UCF College of Business Administration Student Ambassadors

  • Amy Bonilla-Secretary
  • Amanda Brown-Chair
  • Catherine Bruno*
  • Alysha Burgess*
  • Sydney Cameron
  • Randy Carballo*
  • Taylor Fekany*
  • Casey Field-Director of Corporate Relations
  • Renee Giron-Vice-Chair
  • Kyler Gray*
  • Emre Gumuluoglu
  • Noor Hashim*
  • Chelsea Honey
  • Thomas Huang*
  • Joyce Jacobson-Executive Relation Chair
  • Natacha Jerome
  • Rechelle Lambert
  • Justin LaMotte-Hall of Fame and Golf Tournament Lead
  • Brittany Lark*
  • Dionte Madden
  • Breanna McBean*
  • Rami Mosrie
  • Anthony Surico-Director of Engagement
  • Margaret “Meg” Zechiel *
  • *Denotes New Student Ambassadors