Chaired by Avalon Park resident and Orlando businessman Jim Spaeth, the council includes about 30 representatives from large and small businesses, homeowners associations, organizations, chambers of commerce, and property owners.

In recent years the campus has undergone significant changes with the opening of the Bright House Networks Stadium, a 10,000-seat UCF arena, retail area, new educational buildings, and more. Non-frequent visitors to campus are often surprised when they spot buildings that weren’t there on their last trip or encounter a different road system with “smart” traffic lights and new signage. To help ensure that parties whose homes and businesses are near campus and who are most likely to be affected as the university develops have an opportunity to learn about what is happening on campus, the council has scheduled information sessions about a range of topics, such as natural resources, environmental initiatives, development plans and access.

Council members are encouraged to provide input and then asked to share what they learn with their colleagues and neighbors.