The Associated Press reported on a University of Central Florida medical student’s efforts to help earthquake victims in Haiti. Anika Mirick is a first-year student recently on a one-week stay at a tent hospital in Port-au-Prince, the island nation’s capital. She helped save the life of a 20-year-old man who would have died from leukemia.

“Soon, Thermosey will be back home as well. He can thank Anika Mirick for that.

Mirick is a first-year medical student from the University of Central Florida, who just finished her one-week stay at the tent hospital. Thermosey was one of her patients.

‘I was crying every day,’ Mirick said.

Desperate to find a way to save him, Mirick made calls and pleaded with doctors in Orlando, Fla. to save his life. They agreed without hesitation. And within one day, Thermosey had his 30-day visa allowing him to enter the U.S., a minor miracle in itself.

When that plane was leaving, Mirick was the person Thermosey thanked first, extending his hand, intravenous tubes protruding from it.

‘He will survive,’ Mirick said. ‘We just saved a life.'”

Learn more about what UCF is doing to continue helping Haiti and learn how you can get involved at International Medical Outreach.