The UCF community raised more than $291,000 during this year’s Day of Giving, a 24-hour philanthropic challenge that took place March 28 and encouraged fans, friends, faculty, staff and alumni to support what they love at the university. This is the second year UCF has organized the fundraising event, with last year’s total funds amounting to more than $157,000.

UCF surpassed its goal of 3,000 donors for Day of Giving this year with a total of 3,057 members of the university community contributing to various funds that benefit student success, scholarships, colleges at the university, programs like athletics and Limbitless Solutions, and more. During last year’s Day of Giving, 1,951 donors contributed to the campaign.

Gifts given during Day of Giving 2019 helped to unlock additional fund donation milestones totaling $60,000.

More than 100 donors contributed to each of the top six performing funds on Day of Giving:

  1. Area of Greatest Need (389 donors, $66,245)
  2. First Generation Scholarship Fund (241 donors, $16,312)
  3. Troy Driggers Music Scholarship (155 donors, $6,319)
  4. Cheerleading Scholarship Fund (124 donors, $10,926)
  5. Football Excellence Fund (114 donors, $6,408)
  6. Men’s Basketball (102 donors, $3,417)

Interim President Thad Seymour Jr. shared the following message through Twitter the morning after the event: “A BIG thank you to over 3,000 of you for raising over $291,000 on UCF Day of Giving yesterday. Your support made a statement that when we come together, we can accomplish what most would find impossible.”