Students in the UCF College of Business Administration (#UCFBusiness) are often reminded that filling out job applications online is not the most effective way to secure a position. Networking with professionals is key to career success after graduation.

Oftentimes, this professional connection can be made with a corporate recruiter.

According to the Office of Professional Development’s Lonny Butcher, “Finding a job is a lot like cooking; if you want to make tomato sauce you don’t go looking for someone who’s just read about cooking.  You rely on someone’s little Italian grandma.  Same with finding a job.  You rely on the advice and help of someone who’s in the business of hiring people.”

On Friday, February 20th, #UCFBusiness will welcome Cody Woods to #UCFBizChat. As a senior campus recruiter for Target, Woods is constantly on the lookout for motivated college students eager to launch a career with one of the most recognizable companies in the United States. After nearly four years of recruiting for Target, Woods is eager to share tips on how to best connect with recruiters with #UCFBusiness students.

Follow the college on Twitter @UCFBusiness to chat with Woods, as well as UCF students, faculty, and alumni.