The UCF Police Department and UCF Victim Services on Tuesday unveiled a new room designed to serve as a softer, more comforting space for victims of violent crime to speak with police.

A traditional interview room at UCFPD was transformed into soothing, homey space thanks to the generous donation of Veronica and Tony Figueroa of Re/Max Innovation based in Avalon Park.

The goal of the room is to better serve victims of crimes such as sexual assault and stalking by having an environment that makes them feel safe sharing their stories.

“While it doesn’t change the violent crimes that happen, it does provide an opportunity for the victims to come forward in a safe, comfortable atmosphere,” said UCF Police Chief Richard Beary. “It’s a great first step in helping them heal, and it also assists us in our ability to prosecute cases.”

The room will be available 24/7 for victims who elect to report to UCFPD.

Coming forward to police is just one way to report interpersonal violence at UCF.

UCF encourages its members of its community to speak up if they’ve been victimized – whether through confidential disclosure to a victim advocate, filing a Title IX report, or reporting to police—so that the university can connect them with support and other resources.