UCF Police Chief Richard Beary on Oct. 27 completes his term as president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the same day President Obama delivers an address to the chiefs attending the 122nd Annual IACP Conference and Exposition.

Chief Beary, a 38-year law enforcement veteran, is the first chief of a university or college law enforcement agency to hold the title of IACP president. He was sworn in as the organization’s leader during last year’s IACP conference, which was held in Orlando.

President Obama will address chiefs attending this year’s conference in Chicago as part of a White House initiative to fix the criminal justice system.

The conference is the largest gathering of law enforcement leaders in the country with more than 14,000 attendees. This is the first presidential address to IACP delegates in more than 20 years.

Chief Beary formerly served as IACP’s vice president and will continue to be an important voice in law enforcement as one of the organization’s past presidents. He’s traveled around the world over the past year to advocate for community-oriented policing and to consult with leaders and citizens about policies and best practices.

He’s also brought attention to the law enforcement issues he’s passionate about, including cybercrime, individual first aid kits for emergency response, and benefits for families of fallen officers and first responders.