To provide more safety for the UCF community, UCFPD this semester is launching a new Knight Ride shuttle program with support from the Student Government Association.

Knight Ride, previously known as SEPS (Safe Escort Patrol Service), now features a van that will circle campus, making stops at eight locations from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. every night classes are in session, with extended hours around exam periods.

“Our students, faculty and staff can’t do research, they can’t teach, they can’t learn, if it’s not safe,” says UCFPD Chief Carl Metzger. “Having a resource like this gives people confidence and lets them know that they are safe. We’re so happy to be able to do this for our campus community.”

Many of the Knight Ride locations are already Pegasus Express campus shuttle stops. The additional Knight Ride spots also will accommodate students who live off-campus along Alafaya Trail and McCulloch Road.

It will take the van an estimated 30 minutes to circle campus.

Walking escorts and ADA-compliant golf carts also are available by calling 407-823-2424. The starting and final destinations that are in the inner core of campus are the most accessible options.

Knight Ride drivers and walking escorts are students who are part-time employees at UCFPD and who have been vetted and trained by the police department. They also watch for suspicious activity, which is reported to uniformed UCFPD officers for follow-up.