Seal is director of UCF’s Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center and NanoScience Technology Center, a research and educational facility that develops nanostructures for applications in the treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, retinal degeneration, aging, UV protection, anti-inflammatory therapies, and developing novel nanoparticle strategies for radiative and non-radiative therapies for cancer.

The annual magazine, published by the Maddux Business Report in partnership with the Florida High Tech Corridor Council, is considered a comprehensive guide to Central Florida’s high tech community.

Other tech leaders recognized in the magazine include:

Bill Warren, president and CEO of Orlando-based VaxDesign, an emerging biotechnology company that develops a surrogate human immune system that predicts side effects of drugs more accurately than that of animal testing;

Angela Salva, director of Orlando’s Virtual Reality Medical Center, which uses simulation to rehabilitate patients with medical disorders including traumatic brain injury, and trains military medics using simulated battlefield immersion techniques; and

Richard Sweat, president and CEO of Sanford’s .decimal, a medical device manufacturer that produces custom-made, patient-specific radiation therapy devices for cancer patients around the country and now Japan.

To see Seal and the other three featured tech leaders discuss how their technologies are changing the industry, visit the Florida High Tech Corridor Council’s “Faces of Technology” YouTube channel.

The magazine’s content is available for download.

The Florida High Tech Corridor Council is an economic development initiative of the University of Central Florida, the University of South Florida and the University of Florida whose mission is to grow high tech industry and innovation through research, workforce and marketing partnerships.

A partnership involving more than 20 local and regional economic development organizations and 14 community colleges, the Council is co-chaired by the presidents of UCF, USF and UF. The Council includes the presidents of two of the community colleges, the president of Florida Institute of Technology and representatives of high tech industry.

The unique partnership has resulted in a strategic approach to high tech economic development that involves matching funds research, workforce development and a marketing program leveraging governmental, EDO and corporate budgets on a regional rather than local basis.

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