Following multiple reports of credit card fraud occurring at independent vendor locations on the main campus, police and the university’s Security Incident Response Team have identified one owner whose restaurants had malware on the computer systems used to process sales.

AD Food Services, which operates Asian Chao, Huey Magoo’s and the Corner Café in the Student Union, temporarily stopped taking credit and debit cards while working to strengthen those security measures.

Those locations and other restaurants and retailers have reviewed, and in some cases improved, their information security practices. UCF believes it is safe to use credit and debit cards on campus.

Although credit card security is the responsibility of each vendor via their chosen banking relationship, UCF Police, Business Services, and the Information Security Office have been working with vendors on campus during the past couple of weeks. The university instructed vendors to review all of their financial systems and offered the assistance of its technology teams.

When UCF Police asked for the public’s help two weeks ago, about 10 reports regarding credit card fraud had been filed with the department. About 230 people responded to the call for public help by filing online reports.

In those reports, the most common locations mentioned were Asian Chao and Huey Magoo’s.

Based on results of the investigation so far, and to the best of our knowledge, fraud has not been occurring at university-controlled areas such as registration for classes, financial aid or housing, or at other vendor locations on campus.

These reports of credit card fraud are unrelated to a cyberattack against the university earlier this year. Information shows this involves only credit and debit card data.

UCF Police contacted the Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force about the reports. UCF police investigators also worked with campus technology teams to conduct physical and virtual reviews of equipment and networks.

If you believe you have been the victim of credit card fraud at any location on or off campus, you should report the incident to your credit card company immediately.

Federal law limits your liability for unauthorized charges. Your protection depends on the type of card and when you report the loss.

Students who are experiencing temporary financial hardships as a result of fraud should contact UCF Cares at 407.823.5607 or