The Heels of Power Institute hosted the third annual women’s leadership conference on January 23. The event was a professional development to inform, inspire and empower women.

Provided through the LEAD Scholars Academy Inspire Women’s Leadership Program, the event featured speakers Tava Bingham, LEAD Scholars Academy; Leandra Preston-Sidler, Women’s Studies Program; Belinda Boston, Student Development and Enrollment Services; and other UCF women leaders. Speakers shared insights and wisdom gained from their personal experience.

Bingham presented on barriers women face in the workplace including waiting for their turn to speak and apologizing too often. Preston-Sidler spoke about Third Wave Feminism and social media activism. Boston held a session about being true to oneself and creating a “life blueprint.” The conference also offered a panel of UCF women leaders who shared their experiences and tips.

“I had a wonderful time at the Heels of Power Institute and was greatly inspired by the guest speakers there,” said Amy Maitner, junior in advertising and public relations major with a minor in women’s studies. “A conference filled with powerful and headstrong women is bound to lead to good things.”

Stacey Malaret, director for LEAD Scholars Academy said the Inspire Program “intends to assist women at the university develop their leadership skills and achieve success through workshops, networking and mentoring. Heels of Power offer students the ability to attend a one day conference focused on empowering women.”

The event was open to all UCF students. Assistant Director Bingham said: “I look forward to any opportunity to empower our female identified students on campus. Conferences like these are so important in that they provide for great networking opportunities as well as the sharing of experiences.”

Inspire’s next signature event, “Elect Her,” will be on Friday, February 27.

LEAD Scholars Academy is  an office in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services.