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An Orlando Sentinel editorial Tuesday lauded the benefits of a UCF downtown campus as an economic driver and pathway for employment.

“Building and running the new campus would create jobs, its graduates would be a magnet for new employers looking for talent, and its thousands of students would spur new residential and retail development downtown,” the editorial said. “Those students also would find more opportunities nearby to land internships and jobs.”

The editorial also noted UCF’s support from its partners Valencia College, the City of Orlando and the Creative Village.

“In fact, UCF has lined up $65 million worth of commitments from other public and private sources, and plans to raise an additional $45 million in private contributions for a grand total of $110 million – nearly double the university’s state funding request,” the Sentinel’s editorial added.

Several Florida Board of Governors members last week heard more details about the project and heard from community leaders excited about UCF establishing a campus downtown.

The Board of Governors meets this week to discuss and vote on its support for the project.