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Graduate students should apply for financial aid by following the same procedures as undergraduate students. Graduate students may be considered for federal financial aid funding by complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Federal financial aid for graduate students is limited to the Federal Direct Loans and Work Study programs.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans

The federal government does not pay the interest on behalf of the student. Instead, the borrower is responsible for all the interest that accrues and capitalizes from the time the loan disburses. Graduate students may be eligible for up to $10,250 in federal loans per semester. Though it is non-need based aid, the amount of unsubsidized loan combined with other aid cannot exceed the total estimated cost of attendance.

Federal Work Study

Graduate students may be eligible for Federal Work Study, Unsubsidized Federal Stafford, Federal Grad PLUS, and some scholarships. Graduate students are not eligible to receive grants, such as Pell, FSEOG, FSAG and UCF Grant.

Graduate Fellowships

Students may receive graduate fellowships from the College of Graduate Studies, the students’ college or department, or agencies and organizations outside UCF.

Graduate Scholarships

For a listing of scholarships, please visit our Scholarship page. Colleges may offer additional funding opportunities to graduate students. Please review your college website for awards specifically for graduate students. Also, ask your graduate program coordinator if there are other opportunities for which you may be eligible.

Graduate Students Taking Undergraduate Hours

Per federal regulations, undergraduate hours taken by graduate students must count towards graduate degree requirements in order for the undergraduate hours to be considered for federal financial aid eligibility. Financial aid eligible graduate students taking undergraduate hours must provide a memo from their advisor to be considered for federally funded student aid. The memo should include the student’s name, UCF ID, and Degree Program.

International Graduate Students

International students receiving fellowships may have an income tax liability. For details, please review the International Students section of our website.

Second Master’s Degree

Second master’s degree-seeking students will be reviewed as graduate students for Satisfactory Academic Progress purposes. They will be allowed a total of 70 graduate hours, including all attempted graduate hours.

Three or More Degrees

Students seeking a third master’s degree are not eligible for federal financial aid.


Please note that any scholarship, fellowship, or waiver will affect the financial aid eligibility. Per federal regulations, total aid cannot exceed the cost of attendance. Therefore, the Office of Student Financial Assistance may adjust financial aid accordingly.