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When a student has a pending PJ To-Do List item this will block financial aid from paying. The student may request the PJ be temporarily canceled to give time for current financial aid to disburse.

The chart below lists the type of supporting documentation REQUIRED for various categories of Professional Judgement:

Failure to submit all applicable, required documentation listed will result in a delay and possible denial of your PJ application.

Reason for Professional Judgement Petition Documents Required
Loss or Change of Employment and/or Income
  • Statement on letterhead indicating the last date of employment
  • Copy of the last paycheck including any vacation pay, severance, bonuses, or tips received
  • Documentation of the gross income of the person whose employment status changed
  • Members of the military must submit a copy of the DD214 and a LES showing taxable and untaxed income
  • Documentation of any type of income being received including workman’s compensation, payments from 401(k) or 403(b) plans, the financial contribution made by individuals outside of the household
Divorce or Separation
  • Copy of divorce decree
  • Statement from the family law attorney indicating the date of separation or proof of separation
  • Documentation of any alimony or child support being received or paid out
Death of a Parent or Spouse
  • Death certificate of the deceased individual
  • Copy of final paycheck
  • Documentation of any death benefits received
  • Documentation of disability diagnosis
  • Documentation of costs related to the student’s disability ex. Personal assistance, transportation, equipment, or supplies (These costs cannot be provided by other agencies to be considered for a Professional Judgement.)
Reduction in Child Support
  • Documentation of the total amount of child support expected for each child
Unusual Medical/Dental Expenses
  • Documentation of paid out- of- pocket medical expenses
  • Copy of Schedule A (tax form)
Elementary/Secondary Tuition Expenses
  • Proof of tuition expenses paid for the current academic year on school letterhead
Dependent Care Expenses
  • Proof of dependent care expenses paid for the current academic year on letterhead
Computer Purchase
  • Proof of cost of computer required for educational purposes or proof of purchase (This is a one-time adjustment.)
Professional Licensure
  • Proof of costs associated with professional licensure or proof of payment (This is a one-time adjustment. Preparatory coursework cannot be included.)