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An individual who was required to file an IRS income tax return and was granted a filing extension by the IRS must provide all the items below:

  • A copy of IRS Form 4868, ‘‘Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return,’’ that was filed with the IRS for the tax year;
  • A copy of the IRS’s approval of an extension beyond the automatic six-month extension;
  • Verification of Non-filing Letter (confirmation that the tax return has not yet been filed) from the IRS or other relevant tax authority dated on or after October 1;
  • A copy of IRS Form W–2 for each source of employment income received for the tax year.
  • If self-employed, a signed statement certifying the amount of the individual’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) and the U.S. income tax paid for the tax year.