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You must submit the verification of tax information if you were selected for verification, and on your ‘To-Do List” you have listed:

Dependent Verification Worksheet

  • This form is now available to complete and sign electronically. When you are completing this form, it will require the student and/or parent to provide the tax information according to the answers provided on the FAFSA and if the IRS Retrieval Tool was used to retrieve the tax information.
  • According to the tax information you reported on your FAFSA, you and/or your parent(s) will be required to upload the tax information on the electronic verification worksheet form before signing and submitting the form electronically.
  • If your parents were divorced or separated on the day you filed the FAFSA, you would use the parent with whom you lived with the most in the 12 months before filing the FAFSA. If you lived with neither parent in those 12 months, you would use the parent that provided the greatest financial support in those 12 months or the most recent year in which you received support.
  • If the parent you are using was remarried on the day you filed the FAFSA, you must also provide the information for the step-parent.
  • If your parents (regardless of gender) are not married to each other and live together, you must provide financial information for both parents.