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Federal regulations require that federal aid awards be based on courses in which students demonstrate academic engagement. Academic engagement is generally done through an academic activity.

Academically related activities include but are not limited to:

  • Physically attending a class where there is an opportunity for direct interaction between the instructor and students;
  • Submitting an academic assignment;
  • Taking an exam, an interactive tutorial or computer-assisted instruction;
  • Attending a study group that is assigned by the school;
  • Participating in an online discussion about academic matters; or
  • Initiating contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course.

To assist in this process, students and faculty will use Webcourses@UCF (Canvas) to confirm academic activity. Faculty members have been given the option to either: 1) create an academic activity through Webcourses; or 2) take attendance. Faculty members who require guidance on creating an academic activity should contact the Center for Distributed Learning.

Instructions to complete the Academic Activity

  1. Students log onto Webcourses@UCF through myUCF Self Service.
  2. Enter your UCF Sign-On ID and password.
  3. Select the “Assignment” tab and identify if an academic activity is available for you to complete. Do this for each of your registered courses. Examples of an academic activity are listed below, but are not limited to:
    • Submitting an academic assignment
    • Taking a quiz
    • An interactive tutorial or computer-assisted instruction
  4. If an academic activity is provided, you should complete it during the first week of classes each semester.
  5. If an academic activity is NOT provided, your faculty member has chosen to physically take attendance. You must attend class so your attendance can be confirmed.

Confirming Academic Activity FAQs

If your questions are regarding how to use Webcourses@UCF, you may access tutorials on commonly-used features, including submitting assignments, taking tests, and posting in discussions online at:

If your questions are regarding the content of the academic activity, you will need to contact your faculty member or instructor for additional assistance.

Faculty members have the option of providing an academic activity for you to complete or taking attendance. Please speak with each of your faculty members to confirm the option they have chosen.

Log onto myUCF, select View Financial Aid Eligible Courses for a list of academic activities that have been completed.

Confirmation of academic activity will be provided to the financial aid office weekly.

Students who have their academic activity confirmed by the drop/add deadline will have that information reflected with the financial aid office before financial aid disbursements begin.

Students who have their academic activity confirmed after the drop/add deadline will have that information reflected with the financial aid office after the tuition/fee and housing deadline. Any additional financial aid disbursements will occur on a weekly basis thereafter.

Completion of an academic activity should occur each semester during the first week of classes each semester.

Confirmation of an academic activity may occur later during the term but students are at risk of having a portion or all of their federal aid withheld from the disbursement process until this activity has been successfully completed.

Financial aid disbursements begin during the second week of the term for students who have met all financial aid eligibility requirements, including confirmation of academic activity.

Failure to complete an academic activity in any course does not affect the student’s financial obligation to pay charges for tuition and fees, Housing, short term advances, etc. by the university’s published deadlines.

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