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With countless forms to fill out and paperwork to submit, applying for financial aid can be a stressful time — but we’re here to help you succeed.

The following list includes the most common mistakes that are made during and after the financial aid application process. To steer clear of any delays or setbacks, please review these items and do your best to avoid them.

Tips to Successfully Complete the Financial Aid Process

  • Include your Social Security number

    • Be sure to include the student’s SSN on the Admissions application
    • This impacts Florida Prepaid, Bright Futures and federal financial aid
    • This step must be completed in order for UCF to access Florida Prepaid, Bright Futures and FAFSA records
  • Keep track of deadlines

    • FAFSA — December 1, UCF Priority Date
    • Submission of all requested financial aid documents — May 30
  • Complete the FAFSA correctly

    • Fill in every response; leave nothing blank
    • Answer dependency questions correctly
    • Use the correct tax year information
    • Read our guide to completing the FAFSA
  • Submit complete and correct documents

    Please do not submit incomplete or unnecessary documents

  • Apply for scholarships

    We encourage all students to apply to as many applicable scholarships as possible

  • Complete your application as early as possible

    • Starting and/or completing the financial aid process too close to the start of the term can limit your options and offers
    • If the application is selected for verification, your file will not be reviewed in time for the start of financial aid disbursements
  • Check your status on myUCF

    Regularly review the status of your admissions and financial aid files on myUCF, including residency documents, final high school transcript, citizenship documentation and financial aid forms

  • Complete the financial aid process on time

    • Submit all requested financial aid documents before May 30
    • Prevent late fees and late disbursement of aid
    • Avoid being dropped for non-payment
  • Understand the renewal requirements of scholarships and other funding

  • Compare aid amount to estimated costs

  • Ask plenty of questions so you understand the financial aid process

    • How will I purchase books/supplies at my institution?
    • Have I submitted ALL items requested to attend?
    • When will financial aid funds be disbursed?
    • What do I do if I don’t have enough aid to cover my expenses?
    • What can I do if I don’t meet the renewal requirements of my scholarship or financial aid?
    • Can my parents talk to financial aid/billing office without me being present?