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In an effort to keep students on track and avoid missing important deadlines and information, the offices of Undergraduate Admissions, Registrar, and Student Financial Assistance will send personalized text messaging to students.

UCF values communicating with both prospective and continuing students promptly and efficiently using communication processes that engage students without overwhelming them. Text messages will support health and safety, as well as, critical student success initiatives. Messages will be timely and used in cases that require urgent action needing completion by the student. These messages will not replace communications currently sent to students.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Applicants and parents who provide their cell phone number on the application will automatically be enrolled in the UCF SMS Text Messaging. There will be an opportunity to opt-out with each message. Subscribing to this service is not required to apply for or gain admission to UCF.

Registrar Office & Student Financial Assistance

All admitted students will automatically be enrolled in the UCF SMS Text Messaging.

Confirmation Message

The confirmation message will read the following:

“UCF: You are now confirmed to receive alerts from UGA, RO, and/or SFA. More info text reply “HELP” or “STOP” to opt-out.”

All confirmation text messages and subsequent alerts will come from 23177 or 32191. Please save these numbers and program them as UCF so you can quickly recognize these numbers as the official sources of UCF messages.

Each confirmation text message will follow with the respective department sending the text.

  • UCF/UGA: Undergraduate Admissions
  • UCF/RO: Registrar Office
  • UCF/SFA: Student Financial Assistance

SMS Text Messaging Frequently Asked Questions

You may opt-out at any time by texting “STOP” or “QUIT” to 23177 or 32191. This will not opt you out from receiving UCF emergency notifications.

You may request to begin receiving text messages by texting “SUBSCRIBE” to 23177 or 32191.

No, you will not receive messages. If you are not part of the school’s contact database, and you try to subscribe, you will receive the message: You have not followed the Opt-In/Out process correctly. For more info text HELP.

Upcoming deadlines, registration appointment reminders, financial aid information (i.e. FAFSA, deferments, To-Do List)

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