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The FSAG is a financial aid program funded by the State of Florida available to students who meet all eligibility criteria and demonstrate substantial financial need. FSAG awards are subject to change if any corrections or changes are made to your file, including receipt of other aid that decreases or eliminates your eligibility for the FSAG.

General Eligibility Requirements

  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Be a Florida resident
  • Meet minimum enrollment requirements (see the Program Eligibility Charts )
  • Part time awards are contingent upon available funding
  • Be enrolled in your first undergraduate degree program
  • Meet the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Not be in default on a federal student loan
  • Not owe a repayment of a grant or scholarship unless satisfactory arrangements have been made to repay
  • Must not exceed the maximum EFC cutoff established by the state for each award year.
  • Transient Hours can receive funds with the proper form on file – FLVC, and without having no units (not enrolled) at UCF.
  • Nursing Concurrent student are not eligible to receive funds at UCF.  Student will have to check with the host institution.

Before you apply for any type of financial assistance, make sure you meet the general eligibility requirements.

Application Procedures

You must file a FAFSA, and have the error-free results on file with UCF by December 1st. Awards are made to students who meet all eligibility requirements. The deadline is based on available funding and may be revised at any time.

In order to receive FSAG for the following year you must meet renewal criteria defined by the State of Florida.

Academic Progress Requirements for Renewal:

For Full-Time Awards

  • Successfully complete 12 credit hours for each semester of full-time funding
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA at the end of Spring

For Part-Time Awards

  • Credit hour requirements
    • ½ time disbursements (6-8 attempted hours): You must successfully complete at least 6 credit hours for each ½ time disbursement
    • ¾ time disbursements (9-11 attempted hours): You must successfully complete at least 9 credit hours for each ¾ time disbursement
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA at the end of Spring

Additional Information about Renewal Requirements

  • To meet the minimum credit requirements, successfully completed hours from preceding summer and properly posted transient hours will be considered.
  • If you receive a combination of full-time and part-time FSAG, you must successfully complete the applicable credit hours for each term.
  • If you do not meet the renewal requirements for the award during the next academic year, you will be notified.
  • You must also meet the published Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Appeal Process

  • If you fail to meet the renewal criteria due to medical reasons or other emergencies beyond your control, you will have the opportunity to appeal the loss of the award.
  • Appeals must be written and include, at a minimum:
    • The State Programs and Scholarships Appeal Form indicating that you are appealing for renewal;
    • A written letter with a description of the circumstances and their impact on your performance; and
    • Documentation of the circumstances to support your appeal.
  • You can file an appeal at any time after you received notification from our office indicating you did not meet the renewal requirements.
  • The scholarship committee meets the second week of each month to review appeals. Appeals must be received by the end of the month to be reviewed at the next month’s meeting (ex. Appeals received by June 30 will be reviewed at the July meeting). You will be notified (by email) of the decision of the committee.
  • If your appeal is approved, you must meet all other eligibility requirements to be considered for the award.

Maximum Terms of Eligibility

A student receiving the grant is eligible to receive an award for a maximum of 110% for the number of credit hours required to complete a program, which is 132 attempted credit hours (including Dual Hours while in High School).