During a 3 p.m. ceremony in the Student Union Pegasus Ballroom, 19 students who lost their lives in the past year were honored at the Eternal Knights memorial service. The annual event is in its 19th year and is an occasion for the UCF community, family and friends to remember the lives of those lost.

The students who were honored were:

Abigail Elizabeth Rosemeyer; College of Health Professions and Sciences, Masters of social work

Branden Allen Aebersold; College of Sciences, Actuarial science

Brooke Michele Campanile; College of Community Innovation and Education, Counselor education

Dennis C. Holland; Rosen College of Hospitality Management, Hospitality and tourism management

Erin G. Connell; College of Arts and Humanities, Religion and cultural studies

Gianfranco Giuseppe Apa; College of Business Administration, Accounting

Hailey Anne Hinson; College of Arts and Humanities, English language arts education

Jaclyn June Austin; College of Science, Psychology

Javish Rodriguez-Rivera; College of Engineering and Computer Science, Transportation engineering

Jeanelie Francois; College of Engineering and Computer Science, Information technology

Jeff Mentor; College of Business Administration, Accounting

Kate Lynn Marie Sullivan; College of Health Professions and Sciences, Pre-clinical health sciences

Michael John McDoniels Jr.; College of Undergraduate Studies, Interdisciplinary studies

Reuel E. Buchanan; College of Community Innovation and Education, Criminal justice

Richard Conner McPeak; College of Sciences, Psychology

Samuel Day Shaw; Rosen College of Hospitality Management; Entertainment management

Seth Anthony Beyrooti; College of Business Administration, Marketing

Thomas Edward Mundy; College of Community Innovation and Education, Health informatics and information management

William Weiler; College of Arts and Humanities, Film

Keyera Lyn, Miss UCF, led the beginning of the ceremony with a 38-second moment of silence (two seconds for each student being honored.) Vice President for Student Enrollment and Services Maribeth Ehasz gave an official welcome shortly before Interim President Thad Seymour Jr. provided opening remarks. The memorial also included poetry readings of “I Do Not Think My Song Will End” and “We Will Remember” by Lyn and Malachi Mullings, Mr. UCF and musical performances.

“The students we are remembering today were on their way to reaching their academic goals, and we are honored that they chose UCF for their journey,” says Provost Elizabeth A. Dooley before introducing the eulogist. “Each student contributed to our Knights family, and his or her academic work and impact will live on in our faculty, staff and fellow students.”

Carolyn Walker-Hopp, a retired faculty member from the College of Community Innovation and Education, gave eulogies for each student. As each individual’s name was said, members from the President’s Leadership Council placed a white rose in individual vases to honor them.