At the College of Nursing‘s traditional recognition ceremony on Friday, August 7, Kia Zellner received the Parrish Medical Center Award for Clinical Excellence and Community Partnership.

Edwin Loftin, vice president of nursing at Parrish Medical Center, presented Zellner with her award.

Zellner was unanimously nominated for this award by the college’s nursing faculty on the Cocoa campus as someone who generously helps other students and consistently demonstrates solid leadership skills. As a member of the Student Nurses Association, Zellner participated in several community service activities and achieved academic excellence in the nursing program.

According to her instructors, Zellner is kind, approachable, appreciates new challenges, and continually seeks out new learning opportunities. And with excellent clinical and critical-thinking skills, she will provide safe, evidence-based care to her future patients.

Zellner received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from UCF on Saturday, August 8. She is now studying for the National Council Licensure Examination to become a licensed, registered nurse.